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In any Roblox game there should be a blue chat bubble to the left of your screen in which you can click and select a chat message.You can go ahead and check out what those messages are by playing a game using a guest account.Administrators are always standing by to make sure your child is safe, like if someone posted a decal of freddy krueger and admin would check the picture and deny it to be uploaded on ROBLOX.So you dont need to worry about anything image wise.ALWAYS tell your child to click the log out button, sometimes you don't have to log into roblox if you have been on recently (if you have been offline for around a week you will have to log in again).However by pressing the log out button you can make sure the next time your child decides to play Roblox you will have to enter their username and password.If you think the content is inappropriate YOU fill out the message moderators will recieve. TIP 4: If you want to know when your child is online or not make their password something only you know.They COULD possibly set up an alternate account, if you see them playing Roblox after they didn't ask you to log them in means something might be fishy.

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I only accept friend requests from people I have actually met, however simply accepting a random friend request on Roblox shouldn't affect your privacy AT ALL, it's sort of like smiling back at someone when they smile at you.There is a 1 in a thousand change that you will find a game where someone cusses. If you did something stupid people would call you a noob.There is a report button too, that you can click put in the characters name, and tell them what theyve said or done something wrong. This just mean you are new to the game or acting like you are.The custom chat is censored to an extent but many people find loop holes to bypass censorship.

(Meaning there will be rude language passed around).

I would recommend checking on what your child is doing on Roblox about every 20 minutes.