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01-Jun-2019 15:04

However, the test for these assumptions is the plot of the data itself.

The actual underlying assumption is that, if those requirements have not been met, there is no reason for the data points to fall on a line.

Further, the oldest age determinations of individual meteorites generally give concordant ages by multiple radiometric means, or multiple tests across different samples.

For example: Also note that the meteorite ages (both when dated mainly by Rb-Sr dating in groups, and by multiple means individually) are in exact agreement with the solar system "model lead age" produced earlier.

A young-Earther would object to all of the "assumptions" listed above.Changes in the environment cause changes in the rocks. Sometimes, the layers are twisted or tilted because of the movement of the Earth’s tectonic plates. Scientists study these layers to learn more about the Earth’s history.For example, a volcanic eruption may create a layer made of hardened ash. Radiometric dating measures radioactive elements in the rocks.This involves measurement of three isotopes of lead (Pb-206, Pb-207, and either Pb-208 or Pb-204).

A plot is constructed of Pb-206/Pb-204 versus Pb-207/Pb-204.

Sedimentary rock forms in layers over millions of years.

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