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13-Mar-2019 12:11

The plan to buy from willing sellers looks more like a try at a checkerboard land grab.

And, if a recently uncovered 2004 Fort Carson proposal is accurate, it looks like the Army wants a hell of a lot more than 418,000 acres; it wants 7 million. THE LANDOWNERS’ PERSPECTIVE Mack Louden is one of the leaders in the fight against the Army’s plans to expand the PCMS.

The Army says it needs to expand PCMS for a number of reasons, including the 2007 Grow the Army initiative, a program that, in a surprise twist, is designed to do just what its name says.As to why the Army doesn’t use some of the millions of acres it already owns, Foster says part of it is because the terrain isn’t right. But what it really boils down to – and he admits this – is convenience.