Recovering after dating a borderline

17-Jul-2019 06:47

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For most, it may hold little that feels inspirational.

But if you’re dating someone with Borderline Personality Disorder, it is probably at once familiar and remarkable; the deep stigma attached to BPD—and specifically having relationships with someone who has BPD—makes stories of intact relationships all too rare.

“Sometimes they look into their parent’s eyes and they see a spark. The person they knew and love is still there, somewhere deep down inside.

Those moments are what the person longs for.”Still, to Paddy, it is worth it.

He has made me believe that I was always the fault of everything. Always shared with me that he was not sure if he has ever loved anything or anybody including me.

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[People] tend to really like [people with BPD] at first, because they are very intense, and very passionate.A sociopath may repeatedly lie and manipulate others for their own gain.