Reggie bush dating look alike

16-Apr-2019 08:51

Kim Kardashian, once in a relationship with football star Reggie Bush, before he went on to marry Lilit Avagyan and Kim of course went on to marry Kanye West.

Kimye had her daughter, North West, who will turn 4-years-old in June.

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The latest is a woman named Sonia Ali, who runs a business with her makeup artist sister, Fyza Ali, across London and the Middle East. With the number of her doppelgängers on the rise, it seemed high time to round up some of the recent additions to the club to see how much each one really looks like Mrs. Sonia Ali" data-reactid="30"From this angle, Sonia looks a lot like Kim.

(Photo: Instagram)The most recent addition to the army of Kims, Sonia Ali is a pretty close match.

From her wide, heavily mascaraed eyes to her defined cheeks to her absolute mastery of that come-hither stare, she ticks all of the key Kardashian boxes.(Photo: Instagram)And remember when Kim went through that all-neutrals phase while pregnant with baby Saint?

But we think one of Kim Kardashian's exes has the most specific type we've ever seen.

American football player Reggie Bush, who dated Kim from 2007 until 2010, is expecting his second child with wife Lilit Avagyan, who could earn some extra household income by working as a Kim K lookalike.TELL US – THOUGHTS ON KRIS REPORTEDLY BEING FED UP WITH KIM’S FAMILY?