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Da ste na Iskrici, da li bi to tajili jer vas je sram ili bi o zgodama i nezgodama priali bez beda?

Mislim da ima razliitih ljudi,i ozbiljnih,neozbiljnih i kako kae luzera.

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Prior to this, we lost another of our colleague, Dr Afifah Mohd Ghazi in a similar nature of accident.

All available DNA samples were isolated from whole blood using standard procedures.

Erik Kratz and Cameron Rupp could provide fine depth, although neither is viewed as a guy who could catch 110 games.

In a crowded bar or coffee shop, one might—with an opportune —manage to scale the barrier of race, or at least be politely entertained, but this feat proves more difficult on dating apps and websites.

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The anonymity of online dating allows us to discriminate freely without the guilt associated with point-blank rejection.

In the States, we saw movies about Arabs with camels and tents; in Kuwait they watched movies about cowboys and loose women.