Relationships changed from dating to serious

08-Jun-2019 00:30

You've hardly seen any updates on his profile since you had a fight — is he hiding the updates from you, is he so depressed that he's not engaging, or is it just a coincidence?

Why does she keep untagging herself from photos with you in them?

We've also heard stories of people seeing their dates switch to "In a Relationship" with If he can't help but snoop, he can look back and see all those consolation posts from friends about your last breakup.

Maybe he'll see your previous partner's angry wall posts after you let him know that you wouldn't be seeing him again.

We wouldn't look at all of those as serious threats, but we all know from experience that one threat is real: Facebook makes dating far more complicated than it used to be.

You can use Facebook's privacy settings to mitigate the pains, and you can even make an impossible-to-maintain rule that you won't accept friend requests from people you're dating, but it's almost guaranteed that Facebook will somehow catch up to your budding relationship and challenge it with some confusion eventually.

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Most folks are okay with flirting, but some can't handle it, and something about seeing it written out on Facebook makes it worse.

- HOW TO: Keep Your Facebook Updates Private- HOW TO: Clean Up Your Facebook Profile- HOW TO: Block Farm Ville on Facebook- 4 Easy Ways to Engage Your Facebook Fans- 10 Musts for Marketing to Women on Facebook Samuel Axon Samuel Axon is a digital content producer in New York City.

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Doing so right away seems callous, but holding on for too long makes you look fixated.

And God forbid that somebody break the news to her partner that she's dumping him or her by publicly switching her status over to "Single." But we've all heard stories of that happening.Sometimes you just can't help but wonder what this or that update means for your relationship.

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