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19-Jun-2019 16:01

Due to the registration laws, sex offenders must register in person with their local sheriff and police department within three days of release with an approved residence.A violation of the requirements or a failure to register could quickly mean another jail term, Dibenedetto explained.“You have to realize that yes, if they were out they could be saving us money,” Dibenedetto said. they get out and they don’t have a place to go, which is a violation of law, which means they get ...“The adjustment period is so different and without the added support, which really probation and parole can provide, it’s difficult to re-adjust.Having those community supervision in place kind of to me is almost like the training wheels before we release the person on their own completely.”Louisiana pays .93 a day for inmates in state facilities, while those in local facilities cost .39 per day.His mother lost her home in Hurricane Katrina and still lives with relatives who have a small child in the home.His sister lives in Georgia with her large family and a young grandchild.

Many of the men and women in this situation are in prison on a subsequent offense than the conviction that required them to register as a sex offender because sex offenses often require the person to serve a fixed sentence without eligibility for early release, according to Tracy Dibenedetto, the Office of Adult Services program director.The organization tries to help them as much as they can, but she said it’s difficult even when family is supportive.