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Dad thanked me, reminded me that future problems were also to be handled with the board, and left.I spent a few minutes reflecting on what had just happened.The permission of the owner of a publicly available external website is legally not required for normal transparent links of this kind, especially links from an entirely non-commercial site such as this one, and has not been sought.A hyperlink to another website is to be regarded merely as equivalent to quoting a reference to a published book and inviting readers to look for it in a library.However, these items can be taken to relate to recent times except where flagged as [HISTORY]. Web links for school CP in all other countries are here.IMPORTANT NOTICE ABOUT EXTERNAL LINKS: The existence of a link from this website to an external website must not be taken in any way to imply that the website being linked to has any connection or involvement whatever with this website, or that the owners of the external website approve of or support or endorse this website, or vice versa.The realization came over me that my job would never be the same.

He didn't use it in his first year of teaching, but in his second year he paddled about 50 students and found the effects very beneficial.

The student whom I had just paddled was about to tell his friends about the experience.

The word would soon be all over campus as well as the town.

Classroom Management More from the above writer, a Texan teaching in Mississippi.

"A few students even seemed to relate to me in more positive ways after being paddled." How to Convince Your Parents Not to Sign the Corporal Punishment Permission Slip "'I'm too old' is an ineffective argument, so don't waste your breath", according to this article on Wiki Help (registration required).

I got Martha's old sorority paddle from my desk, where it had been stored since August, just in case I ever needed it.

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