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16-Mar-2019 06:17

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Then, report back with a suggestion of one scene that depicts healthy dating behavior and one scene that depicts behavior that’s not so healthy.

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THE PLAN: Once we receive all your suggestions, we’ll pick one to feature next month.For the October mission, we’ll invite you all to participate in a Twitter chat so you can let us know what you think! For many of you, school is winding down, and for others it may even be over. Summer is a great time for y’all to finally (hopefully) have some time to yourself, do some personal projects you normally don’t have time for, get outside, hang out with friends, and do so many of the things that makes life worth living. Snap a pic, share a story, create a graphic (pro-tip: use canva), make a gif (pro-tip: use giphy), share some art you’ve done. Make sure to share what you’ve done on your social media and share it with us on our Facebook group.