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I barely lasted 5 minutes, until I tried to warn them I was going to erupt.

Which did no good, as they just increased the tempo of their tongues on my glans, while I shouted and came into them both.

Her other hand was holding my head against her pussy, as I lapped at her now-wet pussy. I was treated to a series of moans, squeals, sighs and orgasmic grunts as my lips and tongue ravaged her opening walls and clit. Even Ling was impressed, as my whole shaft, not small, disappeared in her mouth and throat, as she sucked and slurped, while fingering her pussy and clit with squishy-sounds. Ling had to grab my shaft and literally pull it out of her secretary's mouth, with a 'plopping' sound, so she could kiss and mouth it. I did say I was on my feet now, pants down around my ankles, didn't I?

In a few minutes, Janice, her secretary, came in to the office, and guiding herself by the desk edge, dropped a fresh printout of the article on Ling's desk. I was treated to two sets of mouths, both simultaneously sucking on the head of my cock and on each other.

You know she cut me off from sex for the last month, while she was 'saving herself' for Jorje, her lover. I suddenly and unexpectedly had four boobs and two bare pussies to touch and feel or lick. I'd never touched Janice before, as she always seemed so efficient and conservative.

She had sex with him all over our house and in our bed, these last three weeks." Ling triggered her intercom with her free hand, asking her secretary -receptionist to look up that Literotica reference. Well, she wasn't, I just discovered, as she knelt down, unzipped my pants, pulled out my hardened cock and had me in her mouth, all within about 14 seconds.

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You were always trying to please me, so I had to break away from you for a little sexy vacation; you can understand that. "The Wedding Certificate, oh, it's just a piece of paper.

I knew that Connie wouldn't find it or the other items for another couple of hours, until well into her flight.

Nor could she fight it or even respond to it from her unknown location in Mexico. I didn't wish anything about her at all, as I started on my no-longer-married life.

"I have to get this little fling out of my system, that's all. "He had such a big cock, and it went in so far, deep into my womb, so I just had to fuck him, you can understand that, can't you? "He was so huge and romantic and sexy, I had to have him inside. "I love you, but right now, I'm not in love with you! "I deserve a little excitement, a little danger in my boring suburban life, you can see that." And. A woman's body is designed to please several men, not just one." And.

" Then Connie shifted into modern feminist marriage-destruction mode: "After all, it's my body, and I can decide to use it anyway I please." And. I need to re-connect with my inner sexual female Goddess, you can recognize that, can't you? "No one man can totally satisfy me, now that I know I'm truly liberated from obsolete conventional social mores." And.

Getting her bags out of the car, I give her the copy of Cosmopolitan magazine, the most recent one she'd not read yet.

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