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(page numbers in brackets) Preliminary pages (i-xxii) Foreword, Membership, Contents Part 1 Introduction Chapter 1 (1-3) Introduction Part 2 The growth of the child Chapter 2 (7-26) The children: their growth and development Part 3 The home, school and neighbourhood Chapter 3 (29-36) The children and their environment Chapter 4 (37-49) Participation by parents Chapter 5 (50-68) Educational Priority Areas Chapter 6 (69-74) Children of immigrants Chapter 7 (75-94) The health and social services and the school child Part 4 The structure of primary education Chapter 8 (97-115) Primary education in the 1960s: its organisation and effectiveness Chapter 9 (116-134) Providing for children before compulsory education Chapter 10 (135-152) The ages and stages of primary education Chapter 11 (153-157) Selection for secondary education Chapter 12 (158-166) Continuity and consistency between the stages of education Chapter 13 (167-173) The size of primary schools Chapter 14 (174-181) Education in rural areas Part 5 The children in the schools: curriculum and internal organisation Chapter 15 (185-188) The aims of primary education Chapter 16 (189-202) Children learning in school Chapter 17 (203-261) Aspects of the curriculum A. Yours sincerely, BRIDGET PLOWDEN (Chairman) The Rt. Professor AJ Ayer FBA, Wykeham Professor of Logic, University of Oxford. Miss M Brearley CBE, Principal, Froebel Institute College of Education, Roehampton. Professor DV Donnison, Professor of Social Administration, London School of Economics and Political Science; Vice-Chairman, Public Schools Commission.

ANTHONY CROSLAND November 1966 [page iv] 28th October, 1966 Dear Secretary of State, In August 1963 the then Minister of Education, Sir Edward Boyle, asked the Central Advisory Council for Education (England) 'to consider primary education in all its aspects, and the transition to secondary education.' I now have much pleasure in submitting the Report of the Council.

This was the combined effort of 12 authors and over 160 segments.

Allow me this time to apologize for letting it be drawn out this late, but … Continue reading Warning: Don’t read unless you are over 18 – If you are under 18, stop now.

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