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01-Mar-2019 15:52

this thread is redundant, attention seeking, contact broadcasting and deserving of deletion. Anyway, if you want to hook up with, do stuff with, and have a good time with an older woman, my advice is: Start saving your allowance and lawn-mowing money. Well, you say you "wanna date", "do stuff with one", and "just wanna know how [I] can hook up with one".

ohhh..only the report violations thread was not suddenly awol!! If you're looking for an older woman, I would suggest you increase your sense of what you are specifically looking for in this type of relationship.

These are games, worlds and characters that I absolutely adored.

It's been a decade since I made what most people would historically call the "right" choice by playing World of Warcraft.

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How can i go about getting together with an older woman..

From what you've said, it appears to me that you want more of a sexual experience and you're trying to sell yourself to anyone interested.

I'm not shopping for a younger man ; I sure have been totally swept off my feet by one though.

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Mature women aren’t for everyone but I doubt anyone will deny that the ladies in the video at the end of this post are hot! In the context of hookups, I think older women and “cougars” are a great way to go; sexually experienced, know what they want, and very often are just looking for casual sex like you.

After that, switching to Soldier, Pyro, Demo, Engineer, Medic, or Spy on the same server would leave their local and server-side animations slightly out of sync.