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This appears to be an remarkably important date, marking the beginning of the Nippur calendar and the Jewish count of days.So, if this date was so significant across the entire Levant region, then why wasn't the chronology of early ancient Egypt also configured along the same lines? Fortunately, new radiocarbon dating work, performed by scientists from the University of Cambridge, has lead to a rethink which presents us with just such an alignment:"Until now, the chronology of the earliest days of Egypt has been based on rough estimates.It's been 10 years since Sedna was discovered, and at the time Sedna also hinted at a more distant object (4). With two objects, we now have increasingly compelling evidence that an unknown major body affected the outer solar system in the past.Of course, there are other possible explanations for these unusual orbital alignments in these very distant outer solar system bodies. It may have been an ejected planet, or early binary companion.So why was there such an accelerated race to civilisation in Egypt during this period? It would make sense, perhaps adding further credibility to the concept that something remarkable occurred around 3750BCE.Again, from a Sitchinite perspective, this may tie in with the return of the planet of the gods, Nibiru. The ancient site of Gbekli Tepe in Turkey has set back the clock of ancient civilisations by thousands of years. Much of it remains underground, still, and is in the process of being slowly unearthed.But the new analysis revealed this process started later, between 3700 or 3600BC." For Egyptologists, this presents new problems, because the gap between the initial inhabitation of Egypt - by groups who farmed the land along the Nile - as indicated by this scientific work, and the acknowledged dates for the unification of Egypt is really rather short; at just several hundred years.By comparison, a similar evolution from agriculture to civilisation occurred over a much longer time period in Mesopotamia. It appears that the Nefilim, passing knowledge to Man in measured doses, did so in intervals matching periodic returns of the Twelfth Planet to Earth's vicinity." In the case of Egypt, does this argument also apply to the settling and emergence of agriculture along the river Nile, leading to a speedy development towards the high civilisation of the first Egyptian Dynasties?

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Should a Ten-Earth-Mass planet be pinpointed by astronomers - by triangulating the various orbital anomalies of the new inner Oort Cloud objects like Sedna and 2012VP - then it would fit the bill for Nibiru.Yet, as is indicated above, it is indeed possible at the kind of distances we are discussing here.

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