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Right-hand boat: Up wind (close-hauled) with attached airflow like a wing—predominant lift component both propels the boat and contributes to heel.Lift on a sail, acting as an airfoil, occurs in a direction perpendicular to the incident airstream (the apparent wind velocity for the head sail) and is a result of pressure differences between the windward and leeward surfaces and depends on angle of attack, sail shape, air density, and speed of the apparent wind.As applied to wind, apparent wind velocity (V) is the air velocity acting upon the leading edge of the most forward sail or as experienced by instrumentation or crew on a moving sailing craft.In nautical terminology, wind speeds are normally expressed in knots and wind angles in degrees.Until the mid of the 19th century, sailing ships were the primary means for marine commerce, this period is known as Age of Sail.

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Left-hand boat: Down wind with detached air flow like a parachute— predominant drag component propels the boat with little heeling moment.The forces transmitted via the sails are resisted by forces from the hull, keel, and rudder of a sailing craft, by forces from skate runners of an iceboat, or by forces from wheels of a land sailing craft to allow steering the course.