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Day 3 - Our last day on exponent rules was spent playing the Karuta game from Dont' Panic, The Answer is 42.I already had the cards cut and laminated from last year, so this was an easy lesson to implement.For negative exponents, I use "cross the line and change the sign of the exponent." We didn't have time to explore why this works, but I will cover it more in depth with my students when they reach Algebra 2.We also discussed why anything raised to the zero power is equal to 1.Without telling the students what we were doing, I told them all to go write their name on the dry erase board and draw four x's below. They held up their individual dry erase boards with their answers. When a student ran out of x's, that student became a zombie.

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After checking their answers, I had them switch decks and repeat.

After a week of exploring and discovering each rule separately, I challenged my students to look at a problem and figure out which rule they were supposed to use. They could do each rule in isolation, but they couldn't figure out what rule to use in a given problem.

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