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Darrin retired from professional hockey at the age of 34 and in 1999 decided to move back to Vancouver, Canada to settle into initially a career in accounting.

He started working towards a CGA designation and it was then that he met his 2nd wife Clarissa.

Frank and Ann married in 1963 in Hinton, Alberta, where Frank taught high school for almost 20 years.

K.” He lived “zen,” embracing life as it came, content with little, grateful and able to be in the present moment.They settled into Calgary and built a wonderful family home out in rural Calgary, in Springbank and grew their family to a total of 6 with the arrival of Ryan, Shannon and Shayla.During the years in Calgary, Darrin fed his passion for hockey in a coaching capacity.After two years studying, travelling and skiing in Denmark and Europe, he met a Scottish lass on the train as he crossed Canada on his way home.

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She was our mother Ann, who was coming west to work as a nurse.It was during this time that he discovered his love of sports and most particularly hockey.