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The Paulinskill Valley Trail Committee was responsible for getting this gem along with the Sussex Branch Trail, another abandoned railroad bed in Sussex County, made into the Kittatinny Valley State Park.Now that their mission is accomplished, they've adopted a new one--they've become Friends of the park.Adventures For Women caters to people new in the area and those who just don't want to be in the woods alone.They offer women the opportunity to learn basic woodswoman skills like how to read maps and compasses, paddle, tie knots and identify plants.The path crosses the orange trail, the blue, the yellow, the white, and back across green, the sierra trail, up through the pine groves and out at a pavilion. With a group this size, it's difficult to step off the trail when nature calls, so we take advantage of all facilities. What is it that makes people want to do a group hike?

Specialized hike promotions have come to the fore by organizations like the Sierra Club, which offers hikes all over the region.We enter the May apple-strewn woods with 37 people and a few dogs. The only thing worse is diving and wearing a bathing suit." Along the stream there are old foundations and a waterfall that runs through chiseled rock, perhaps part of a long-ago dam.Well-behaved dogs are allowed on the hikes, but good trail etiquette demands having control of your dog. Water cascades over the hillside too, but no one stops for long because this is a group thing.I chose one for review ­ a hike in the Watching Reservation in Mountainside.

At the parking lot, trail leader Patrick Montague of the Sierra Club Singles passes the sign-up sheet and goes over the rules.

AFW is a non-profit guided hiking group for women only that started as business 22 years ago.

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