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Holden & Cutter, Boston, MA, advertised slate pencils c. Peck Co, New York, NY, advertised a pencil vending machine in the July 1910 issue of Book-Keeper magazine.

1840-60; Grigg & Elliot, Philadelphia, PA, advertised slate pencils c. Cohen, Philadelphia, PA, advertised slate pencils, including wood-cased ones, in 1878. That ad stated "The machine is new--an absolute innovation in vending devices, as pencils have never been sold through slot machines before." The same ad claimed that a thousand of these machines were already installed in New York.

This leads to action toward OS and Application code Tuning plus Load Balancing, JVM Garbage Collection tuning, and other magical feats. [1] The term "black lead pencil" was in use by 1565.