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This site is believed by tradition to be near Vaishali, a great ancient town in the Gangetic plains.The identity of this place in the modern geography of Bihar is unclear, in part because people migrated out of ancient Bihar for economic and political reasons.In the early centuries of the common era, Jain texts containing Mahavira's teachings were written down in palm leaf manuscripts.

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In Jain mythology, he was the shortest of the 24 Tirthankaras, with earlier teachers believed to have been much taller, with the 22nd Tirthankara Aristanemi, who lived for 1,000 years, stated to have been forty cubits tall (60 According to the Kalpa Sūtra, Mahavira spent the first forty-two monsoons of his life at Astikagrama, Champapuri, Prstichampa, Vaishali, Vanijagrama, Nalanda, Mithila, Bhadrika, Alabhika, Panitabhumi, Shravasti, and Pawapuri.These include Nayaputta, Muni, Samana, Niggantha, Brahman, and Bhagavan.