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27-Aug-2019 11:56

Instead, she has taken Tuesday's IG report as a vindication, declaring that "things were much worse than most imagined": The IG declined to find a racial or political motive for dismissing the New Black Panther case, but found actions surrounding that action "risked undermining confidence in the non-ideological enforcement of the voting rights laws." In other words, it sure looked partisan.The appearance of partisanship, in Rubin's telling, is "much worse" than the Obama administration being racist.Although Rubin suggests the IG report scolded the Obama administration for "undermining confidence in the non-ideological enforcement of voting rights laws" by "dismissing the New Black Panther Case," the report actually scolded both administrations.Home sexy nude cam 2 cam no sign up lonely house wives free chat 100 fee adult chat mobile chatroulette sex no sign up free chatting sex lebanon chat to female adults sex live sexsy cam free muslim com You can ask me anything if you want although I obviously won't give out real life info like my phone number or where I live, duh right?Here's the paragraph from the report Rubin cites: In the highly controversial NBPP matter, we found that the decisions that were reached by both administrations were ultimately supportable on nonracial and non-partisan grounds.The head of the civil rights division under Bush had broken civil service laws by seeking to purge liberals from the division and then lying to Congress about it, and, to conservatives like Rubin, the New Black Panther case was proof that the Obama Justice Department was no less politicized.

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Rubin hasn't moved the goalposts, she's flung them into another dimension.