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21-Jul-2019 14:29

Take you time and enjoy every moment spent will uncensored Webcam porn siege tube videos - it is the most breathtaking spectacle!As Tennessee inches ever closer and closer to offering the job to another coach its fan base doesn’t want — Dave, the ACC’s own Butch Jones luckily chose not to take the job — you can expect the predictable gnashing of the teeth from national college football media who have no idea about Tennessee or its fan base yet consider it to be unacceptable for those fans to voice their opinions of a football hire.That’s why the SEC fans share so ardently for the conference because, in all honesty, the South is an ethnicity and college football is our regional heartbeat, the ties that bind us all together.Meet anyone else born and raised in an SEC state anywhere in the world and it’s just about inevitable that the talk will eventually turn to SEC football.I’ll get to why those national media columns, Tweets, and screeds are virtually worthless before this column is over, but first I want to share some thoughts with you about what the Tennessee fan base’s revolution on Sunday really represents.And to me, the easiest analogy I can draw is it’s the wisdom of the masses brought to bear on college football in a way we’ve never seen before. I’ve had a lot of fun over the years ranking the dumbest fan bases in America, but that’s mostly in good fun.Now maybe you could argue the Haslams are good for Tennessee if they actually made good decisions, but effectively they have been running University of Tennessee athletics like they’ve been running the Cleveland Browns — badly.

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Mine was an overflowing auditorium that required students to be turned away. When John Currie and the Haslam family attempted on Sunday to ram through Greg Schiano as the next Tennessee football coach, the fan base collectively stood up and said this was an unacceptable hire.I’ve never hidden this fact or disguised it and this certainly doesn’t mean I don’t root for players, coaches or teams I also like over the years at different schools, but deep down, long before I ever thought about where I would go to school or what college even was, I was a University of Tennessee fan.