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31-May-2019 20:03

You behave like some Nigerian princesses who thrive on the poverty of the masses who toil for them in the mud in the field like they still do in African countries.

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I probably won't be able to afford your clothing line but I certainly can't wait to see what you are cooking up and knowing your style it will be a glamourous and "decadent" li NE.:} BTW, tell us how old you are. :) [ Post a Reply to This Message ][ Edit | View ] [ Re: What? -- MLS, 11/25/02 Mon I agree, she is beautiful and does not need to pose for playboy. First I'll say that I'm mad and disappointed, you refused to return my calls and when I replied to ur pm, u ignored it. Anyway, u got my number, u gotta hit me up too or leave me a message on my webboard, u know the real deal. -- Dirty Democrat, 11/20/02 Wed I am very impressed with all that is new in your life. Thanks [ Post a Reply to This Message ][ Edit | View ] keep adding more pics...

I must commend your effort of putting your buiding sites on the internet it would gear up those who have completely forgotten their hometown. on the link and email me- you take care and stay blessed. With great love and respect, Lisa Morgan [ Post a Reply to This Message ][ Edit | View ] Hi -- Steve, 10/28/02 Mon Hi Uzo, I watched you on Howards show and I just finished browsing your web site.