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Later that night, after Shelby found Jiao in the motel, he confronted Dylan, Norma and Norman and held them at gunpoint in their house.

After Shelby injured Norma and Norman, they ran outside while Dylan engaged in a gunfight with Shelby. Afterwards, Norma revealed to Dylan how his step-father, Sam Bates, died; Norman had killed him to protect her, and he has no memory of doing so.

At a strip club, Dylan met Ethan Chang, an employee of Jerry Martin.

Dylan noticed the many hundred-dollar bills that Ethan had and asked how someone can make that much money in such a small town.

Dylan helped Norma and Norman by recovering Keith Summers' belt (which was evidence against Norma) from where Deputy Zack Shelby was hiding it and throwing it into a lake.He grew up thinking that this was his biological father.

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