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The Parque Reforma corporate offices, where Kroma was founded, opened at the end of the 80’s.Comex grew bigger and faster, and hundreds of network retailers consolidated the brand’s leadership, in Mexico and other countries.Water based paint production at the new facilities substituted oil based paints, common in those days, giving way to the Vinimex brand and increasing Comex’s domestic market leadership.Productos Industriales de Mexico (Pimex) was born due to an unfortunate 1959 plant’s fire and to the decision of breaking up the industrial and wood products manufacturing process from the rest of the paint products, therefore making it Comex’s first related company.Created in order to take advantage of the Group’s synergy.Training and research area Gives Comex a competitive edge and puts it at top of the market.Comex’s Sistema Tintometrico Color Center gives customers access to a large color scale.

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• Centro de Distribución México • Pinturas Meridian Services area Driven by Auto-transportes Delta, founded in 1991.Sensaciones de Comex is a state of the art concept based on color, texture, and new finishings that create spacious and harmonious atmospheres.Its futuristic vision creates an integrated idea where man is displayed and identified in his own spaces and atmospheres, motivating his creativity and personal style.Comex’s finishings created for this new concept are: Denim (Mezclilla), Satin (Satín), Suede (Gamuza), Piamonte (Cristallo y Stucco), Toscano, Ferrara and Texturi.

It too has created three Efectos Especiales concept manuals showing many techniques and finishing options.

Newer generations have been added Comex, helping it strengthen its pioneer spirit in a globalized world where strong competition and light speed changes pose challenges, thus becoming a main character – in a chaotic and uncertain environment – in the third milleninum.

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