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2) Connect the transceiver's USB port to your PC's USB port using a Micro-USB cable, and select the COM port you will use by following the Help file.

3) Proceed firmware updating by following the explanations in the dialog boxes.

1) In telecommunications in general, a channel is a separate path through which signals can flow.

2) In the public switched telephone network (PSTN), a channel is one of multiple transmission paths within a single link between network points.

ATTENTION: Do not connect the transceiver to a PC using a Micro-USB cable before installing the virtual COM port driver. Inputting a direct frequency may not be successfully completed. The Tone Alert function may be activated in a non-data band. Tone squelch might not be canceled in modes other than FM. In DV/DR mode, speed data in received GPS Position information may not be converted correctly. In DV/DR mode, Fast Data communication may fail depending on the transmission timing. When the Tone function is On in FM mode, a beep tone sounds from a Bluetooth audio device (such as a headset or a speaker) at the end of received audio.

1) Start the program by double-clicking "TH-D74_V107_e.exe" icon.If you agree with the details listed above, click the following link to download the firmware updating program.