Updating transas navisailor 3000 charts

12-Jun-2019 07:30

To do this in the chartco, go to Start-Main Menu and click on Route and Passage.

Enter your departure port and Destination ports and click on calculate Route/Distance.

No more worries of plotting the ship’s position manually and no chances of human error in plotting the positions on paper chart.

But there are many of us, who do not still agree with this.

The correct approach is comparison with the paper chart. I believe if everyone deal with ECDIS with that approach, it will just be a cake walk. If we know how to do each of this on ECDIS, we know most about ECDIS.Once you have selected the required charts, Click on the “Add selected charts to the basket” at bottom right corner.And then You will see an option of “Create order” at the bottom. Follow the messages on the screen and create order.I will demonstrate using JRC ECDIS and Chartco but the basic procedures will be same for other makes of ECDIS.

updating transas navisailor 3000 charts-44

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In ECDIS the charts are called ENCs or cells and the charts number as cell number.

Finally you will see the below screen, which will give you the files to send to the chart provider.

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