We are dating now korean drama

26-Jun-2019 14:21

When she finally meets a man who is more in love with her than she is with him, he turns out to be an obsessive psycho.(Beware of men who fall in love at first sight and make too many grand gestures).Cha-hee is confident that Jae-young will still be interested in her no matter what, and she’s right – so she wins the bet with Ho-jung.The surprising development here is that the encounter between the two girls forges an enduring friendship.Its leading actress, Rim Chae, was already familiar to me as the ‘good girl’ lead in All About Eve, and in We Are Dating Now she is even more endearing -- like a Korean Sandra Dee. Unlike other dramas I’ve watched, We Are Dating Now has a very simple plotline.It is not so much what happens in the story, but more what happens to the characters we are introduced to.He is a struggling student, working several jobs to pay for his tuition.Ho-jung actually lends him money for school, and he repays her by taking up with another girl while away at college.

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From the first episode, I was hooked on its engaging characters and somewhat whimsical storyline as well as its emphasis on ordinary, relatable people and their families.

As a teenager, Ho-jung befriends and develops a huge crush on a serious college student named Jae-young (played by Si-kyung Sung, in real life an accomplished singer of K-drama themes who with his gentle face and wire-rimmed glasses reminded me of Yong Joon Bae from Winter Sonata).

But Jae-young thinks she is too young for him and just sees her as a friend, though he does not exactly discourage her attention either.

Theirs is the primary love story in this drama, but curiously, it is less interesting in its development than the secondary love story (more on that in a minute).

Instead of falling for Kyo-in, the boy next door, Ho-jung embarks on a series of disappointing and usually one-sided romances.Ho-jung maintains her dignity, but she is beginning to realize that her trusting nature is not serving her well in the love department.