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FIRST: Change your password on that Gmail account spamming people.Now, you’re “clear.” SECOND: Quick change any other site you used that same password on.The Capricorn Man- A Guide to Understand Your Capricorn You might be wondering, “Why is he ignoring me?” In general, the Capricorn man does not want or need to be smothered.I just spent 12 hours (and counting) dealing with a spam/phishing hack of my Gmail account.Brutal – and you feel quite violated in the process.When he catches wind of your feelings too soon, it can put you at a disadvantage. Move slow and don’t let his excitement push you into moving quickly. will do my best to make this simple – you’re frustrated, and need help now.

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When he has distanced himself, the more you call/text him, the further he could move away from you. if you mirror him and don’t call/text/visit him then he starts to wonder about you.Some Caps that are unevolved can/may come off very strong in the beginning of a relationship.