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However, they both did at various times reference the Latin nihil, “nothing”, in certain places in calculating their tables where the number zero should have gone had they had such a numeral.) It should also be noted that Bede didn’t actually use any such “BC” abbreviation, but rather in just one instance mentioned a year based on ante incarnationis dominicae tempus (“before the time of the lord’s incarnation”).

While there would be rare sporadic mentions of years “before the time of the lord’s incarnation” from here on out, it wouldn’t be until Werner Rolevinck’s 1474 work that it would be used repeatedly in a work.

In AD 525, the monk Dionysius Exiguus of Scythia Minor was working on his table to determine when Easter fell when he decided to eliminate reference to Diocletian by listing his table’s first year as Anno Domini 532, explicitly stating this was referring to the year directly following the last year of the old Diocletian-based table, Anno Diocletiani 247.

How Dionysius came up with 525 years since Jesus was born at the time he was calculating his table (532 years from when the table’s dates began) isn’t clear, but he wasn’t far off the range most biblical scholars today think, with the more modern estimates tending to ring in somewhere between 6 to 4 BC for the actual birth of Christ.

He wasn't happy about it." Swagger divulged that he won a bet against Guerrero, which resulted in the former Kerwin White wearing the mascot costume to the hotel bar.

"One night we were having a gin tournament on a European tour. We were in Turkey our last night and me and Chavo were in the finals and the bet was that if Chavo won, I had to dress up as the eagle and come out for his match and do something and if I won, then Chavo had to come down to the bar that night after the show and stay in gimmick the whole time. Yeah, I got lucky and I won." Swagger added, "he came down to the bar dressed up as the eagle like a great sport that he is." On starting out on the indies, Swagger joked that it is nice to be away from the company that everyone hates, but watches anyway.

This is often credited with not only popularizing the calendar reference, but also introducing the concept of BC, notably setting 1 BC to be the year prior to AD 1, ignoring any potential zero year.

(This is no surprise as Bede, like Dionysius, didn’t have a numeral zero to work with, see: The Story of Zero.

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Swagger, aka Jake Hager, aka Shins Motherf--ker from Loud City, Oklahoma, talked about Chavo Guerrero playing his eagle mascot in WWE as well as his current run on the independent pro wrestling scene.

Hopefully, we can branch that off and do my wife's fashion line that she wants, but right now, you can get all the Jack Swagger merchandise at lfrlife.com, which, we were kind of like, 'argh, should we tell them what LFR means [or] keep it a secret? Live that life." Find out why eye contact with children is so important to Swagger here.

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The English, “Before Christ” didn’t appear until the latter half of the 17th century and it wouldn’t be until the 19th century that it would be abbreviated.

Shortly after the , Anno Domini was used officially under the reign of the Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne (AD 742-814) and in the 11th century, it was adopted for official use by the Roman Catholic Church. This started in the 17th century, with the advent of the term Vulgar Era; this wasn’t because people considered it to be an age when everyone was coarse or rude, but because “vulgar” more or less meant “ordinary” or “common”, thus reflecting that the era was “of or belonging to the common people” (from the Latin vulgaris).Previous to this, he had purportedly only advocated banning Christians from such things as the military and ruling body in hopes that would appease the gods.

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