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1 Introduction 2 Former Prophets 3 Latter Prophets 4 The Prophets as a Whole Study Guide Apocalyptic prophecy, Book of the Twelve, Deuteronomic theme, Deuteronomistic History (DH), Form criticism, Former Prophets, Hexateuch, Latter Prophets, Monarchy, , Oracles, Primary History, Prophecy, Prophesy, Prophets, Tetrateuch, Theocracy Lord Acton (1834-1902) English Historian Western liberal democracies evolved systems designed to balance fundamental powers so that no one force would become absolute. government has three branches—the executive, the legislative, and the judicial—that serve to keep each other in check.Britain developed a parliament that offset the royal house. After all, those in power are inclined to monopolize power.This automatically placed the king in tension with the Moses– Sinai tradition on which the country was founded.

The prophets of Yhwh were a type of checks-and-balances system.That is where we will treat it and under the heading of apocalyptic literature rather than classical prophecy.Also, the Major and Minor Prophets are the last books of the Old Testament, as opposed to the Hebrew Bible, which places the Writings at the end.The monarchy at times appropriated the Mosaic theocratic tradition for its own ends, and at other times, it created its own traditions using Canaanite components.

Prophets often represented the Mosaic tradition over the power of the monarchy, though some prophets did align themselves with the royal program.In fact, the Latter Prophets, for the most part, fit within the history of the books of Kings (see Figure 1).