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24-Aug-2019 01:39

Which one would you either snog, marry, date or avoid: Will Smith, Peter Crouch, Chipmunk and Sylvester Stallone?

Snog Sylvester Stallone; date Chipmunk; marry Will Smith; avoid Peter Crouch.

We caught up with her to discuss everything from X-Factor to working with Simon Cowell – as well as which celebrities she would snog, marry, date or avoid. I really liked her audition as well as her vibe, and her voice which is amazing.

What’s your favourite memory from your pop career during the ’80s? You know what it is always fascinating to watch people’s transformation from a wannabe into a superstar. Who have you seen that stood out for you in this series so far? Her mum also reminds me of my mum, who also wanted the best for me.

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Away from the X-Factor, how’s the family life going? As you’ve dated two of the world’s most famous male celebrities who many women wouldn’t mind having as their husbands, we’ve put together a list of four celebrities for your consideration.

Simon Cowell has the notorious image as TV’s nasty guy, but knowing him personally what’s he really like?

Do you know what – he is not really a nasty person.

So working on the show you have to manage egos all the time as they are all drama queens. My first memorable moment was the Leona Lewis audition in boot camp, where Simon and I had a frenzied dance at the table which they kept on camera and was very funny.

My second favourite moment has got to be the Shirlena Johnson audition.

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