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HUGHES, Brewster House, 82 Mortimer Road, Kingsland. Syd- ney, and they will send you FREE a 1)00k treating: on the subject of DKAF. and how it fan be per- manently cured with ELECTRICITY, applied by ynur- n\ your home, without inconvenience. Bottles, a,- and 316, prist free to any of the colonies. It injures the sight and hearing, destroys ihe sense of taste and smell, »' ^v.,^ JICJ^BT ''fi Klers the breath offensive, -^^Ss ' T i|^w l)reaks down the affected tis- ""■^^^ *^^ sues, consumes the nasal car- lileges, and rots away tlie small frontal bones of the skull. RAMEY'S MEDICATOR Cures Catarrli, Catarrhal Deafness, Headache, N'euralgia, Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis, Asthma, Hay Fever, La Grippe, etc. Tuning Slide, r LU I Cdi Superior quality, 25/-, Carriage Paid. This may be humbling to our national self-(^onceit, but even our braggarts of the Yellow Press are constrained to admit that the British Army never displayed in the whole of the Boer War anything approaching to the death- defying valour of the Japanese, or the superb, un- yielding, dogged heroism of the Russian defenders of Port Arthur. 1^1 I^D EUCRASY will ■.•oinplet«l.v '^g VV^Ia destroy the desire for li« Hunter-street. rn Uvil Lli, OPTICIAN, 476 Albert Street, MELBOURNE. Granular Eyelids, Ulceration of the I'^yeball, and restores Eyelashes. An early application would cure and prevent any further trouble with the Eyes. Stamps other than Victorian not accepted, Por mutual advantage, when you write to an advertiser, please mention the Review of Revieim The Review of Reviews. If this inflammation is not arrested it invades the pas- sages which lead from the nose to the head, ears, throat and lungs. Both combatants have proved to the most vulgar-minded, self-con- ceited Briton that as fighters the Russian and the Jap are man for man at least as good as any British troops. Good writing can be one by a beginner at his first attempt. per bale, and they would be willing to pay this as an increased freight charge — but on the ground that it was practically a second insurance rate, and as such would vitiate their ordinary in- surances. There's SECURITY in ARTERS ITTLE IVER They TOUCH the LI VER Be Sure they are Small Pill. Directors, Jets, Hose Connections, Sprinklers, Stands for Sprinklers, Iron Pipe, and Water i VIeters. No teaching Is re- anlred toensblcanyone to use the Siniplei Typewriter. Wool-buyers in Sydney, however, promptly resented this, and struck buying, not because of the greatness of the charge — for it would at the present time amount only to about I id.

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There Is no Inking ribbon, which l« such a soiiiie of trouble I'U some machines, the inking b. perleclly managed by means of absorlieiit pads placed near the printing point, one drop of ink beinfr sufficient for several days' work. The Simplex Typewriter is very strongly built, and thus it will endure many years of hard work without wear. They promptly took action by refusing to operate at the sales.

PROCTER'S UNIVERSAL EYE OINTMENT as a family Salve has no equal; cures BUght, sore and inflamed Eyes. No careful housewife should be without PROCTER'S EYE LOTION, more especially in the country places, as Inflammation is gene- rally the forerunner of all diseases of the Eye. C^ATARRH is inflamiiiatioii of the linintf membrane of llie nose and adjoinin;; passages. It is with no intention of minim is- A Humbling ''"•!? of a war which might easily have been averted by an appeal to arbi- tration, that I dwell for a moment upon one advan- tage it has brought in its train.